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Haute Couture in the World of Sleeping Systems

Treca Interiors has been creating luxury mattresses, foundations, headboards and one-piece sleeping systems since 1935. Treca products are haute couture for a peaceful and sweet sleep.

The best designers in Europe create new Treca collections, while first-class craftsmen ensure precision down to every stitch - for a flawless look and the comfort of their owners.


Unique Skills for the Best Results


The Main Components of the Art of Sleep

Each Treca Interiors product combines time-tested technology with the latest developments and the most ergonomic materials.

Treca Interiors rightfully bears the title of innovator in the field of comfortable sleep - a clear confirmation of this is the range of adjustable orthopedic bases.


Orthopedic Comfort


A Dream Like You've Never Experienced It

We are the exclusive representative of Treca Interiors in Latvia. In our salon you can view samples of collections, as well as order mattresses, sleeping systems, other bedroom furniture and various accessories.


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